Developments, changes are the basis of daily life and so the kitchen space fits, transforms and changes use, but new problems related to environmental sustainability and the cycles of life as well as the disposal of materials are also posed, not only functional but also beautiful and eco-friendly. A project that wants to interpret these news needs, which derives directly from the Glass model and like the one that was born to be told with a specific material, Laminam, certainly the matter is taken as base value in Glasstone.

The aesthetics of ceramics is declined in different finishes: to explore the aesthetic possibilities of a unique material between brightness and free combinations with other materials: from reflections from the glass to the naturalness of the wood. Strong and durable and easy to clean, Laminam is the ideal coating for the kitchen: doors, tops, sides, backs and hoods can be coated.

Glasstone gives infinite solutions, which seek to interpret the many images that contemporary life ascribes to the kitchen, where the furniture covered with this material is treated as architectural volumes, creating an elegant play of shapes and volumes.