Zampieri Cucine has always focused on a concept of innovative functionality that fits in with contemporary lifestyles, without following fashions or trends that favour a particular stylistic taste of aesthetic feature. With Block, the kitchen goes beyond a contemporary perspective to offer a new concept that also reflects the images, customs and features of our tradition. Its components, designed by Stefano Cavazzana, are full of symbolic and evocative meaning: the chimney hood is a symbol of the modern kitchen, a large solid elm table – the focal point of the kitchen – provides a flat surface for all activities while cupboards for dishes and tableware are all relevant elements now and in the future, as they relate to our past.

This kitchen has distinguishing features that determine its functional areas: functional units with a sink and hob area, a table, an area for housing household appliances, utensils and food, a cooking area and the kitchen itself have been restyled according to entirely new concepts. An interesting aspect of Block is its successful combination of innovative elements and tradition.

New meets old, even in materials: new wood finishes with exclusive details for the bar unit, a new design for the door with a right/left-hand grip handle recessed in the thick door profile or in a central position for pullout solutions, innovative materials for worktops and a new extractor hood- available in a choice of colours.